We supply analytic solutions to your engineering & business problems:

  • condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in your vehicles, using on-board or off-board data streams
  • tracking of your workshops' key diagnostic performance indicators (first time fix rates, mean-time-to-fix, warranty costs, etc.) from aggregated data sources
  • isolation and tracking of the root-causes of recurring issues, using interactive visualisations and user-friendly dashboards
  • creation or evolution of case-based reasoning and knowledge-based technical support systems
  • development of product strategies to fit your target customer, or vehicle, profiles

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Are your technical publications team or diagnostic data engineers overwhelmed with repetitive tasks, and are these tasks prone to human error or inconsistent results?

Do you need to systematically check your data and content against a new, or to-be-defined, schema, or is there a new format to which your data and content must be transferred?

If so, contact us to find how automation can save you, and your team, from unnecessary effort and mistakes.


Do you have the equipment, and the technological "know-that" and "know-how", yet still find your diagnostic and warranty costs are too high?

Call us now to learn how the adoption of analytically informed processes and behaviours can drastically improve your technicians' diagnostic success rates.

  Technical/data authoring

Are your technical data, or your guided procedures, clear, accurate, and accessible to technicians? Are they delivered effectively and in a timely manner, to the optimal point of consumption?

However simple or complex your requirements, we can create and deliver high quality content or data it in the format, and through the mediums, of your choice.

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