Simplifying diagnostics.

Providing data, analysis & solutions to make diagnostic tools, methods and processes optimal for product developers, profitable for workshops and straightforward for technicians.

State of the art

The future is now…

Yesterday's dreams – autonomy, connectivity and alternative-energy – have become today's problems, with increased complexity, shorter life-cycles, restricted access and technological disruption.

Faster fault-finding & higher first-time fix rates

With intelligent tools, robust processes, and the timely supply of information and support, workshops and technicians can work efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.


Automotive Analytics Limited's mission is to apply automotive insight and intelligent analysis to facilitate a more informed, better equipped and more effective automotive industry.

Clients include startups and world-wide companies serving the automotive industry; however opportunities to work with B2C enterprises and non-trade related automotive technologists are welcome.

Technical services


Physical measurement

Data acquisition

Data mining

Web scraping

Vehicle data


Diagnostic data


Signal processing

Statistical modelling

Data cleansing


Schema creation


Function & process modelling


Test reports

Technical documentation


Magazine articles

Database (DB) creation

Portable data (XML/JSON)

Web applications & APIs

Data gathering and analysis procedures have been acquired through experience within academic, industry & trade sectors but can be adjusted and optimised for each situation and client.



Intimate knowledge of vehicle mechanical, electrical, communication and diagnostic systems and the associated tooling and test equipment.


A wealth of available know-how from years of hard graft at the diagnostic coalface, academic research, programming and diagnostic data creation & handling.


Total commitment to nurturing long-term strategic partnerships to counter the effects on vehicle systems of rapidly decreasing life-cycles and increased complexity.


Quality instilled from an incessant attention to detail and accuracy and a dedication to testing, refining and simplifying all output.


Insights, know-how and solutions clearly delivered to the intended audience, whether communicated as technical documents, reports, articles or advertorials.


PhDAAEFIMIIMI Accredited Master Technician – Hybrid Vehicles – MSc. Sound & Vibration [Incl. signal processing, data analysis & statistical modelling].

Project involvement can last from weeks to months. Automotive Analytics Limited is based in Wales but clients can be located anywhere.


Dr Barnaby Donohew AAE FIMI
Automotive Analytics Limited
Bridge Innovation Centre
Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park
Pembroke Dock SA72 6UN
+44 1646 689 249